Sunday 29 June 2014

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak to All. Today is the first day for our family to start the Month of Ramadan. I know in some parts of the world they started yesterday depending on the sighting of the moon.  I hope you all have a Blessed Ramadan insha'Allah.

My youngest woke up this morning and went straight towards her Ramadan calendar that she made - she is so excited about Ramadan this year!

If you missed my post on how to make these calendars then here is the link:

Thursday 26 June 2014

Ramadan Charts and Certificates

Last year I made some charts for the teacher of my Islamic Class that she could hand out to her pupils. I have now made these available for my lovely blog followers to download for free too!

In this post I will share with you the links for the charts that can be used by yourself or for your children to mark down how many days you have fasted or prayed and also to mark down how much Quran you have read during the month of Ramadan. These sheets are great if you are not using any other Ramadan Diary and just want some easy printable sheets that can be used by all the family!

fasting table ramadan.pdf

quran table blank 2014.pdf

certificate colour blank

certificate colour full

certificate black and white

Please visit my original post which will have all the links to each colour certificate: free-islamic-surah-certificates-to-print

I hope these can be of benefit and please let me know if you have used any of these, I looove comments!

Wednesday 25 June 2014

30 Days of Ramadan Crafts

This post is basically an exact copy of a post I did last year regarding Ramadan Crafts. I decided to re-post this blog post as I now have a lot of new followers who may have not seen it and may find it very useful. Last year I set myself a target of doing 30 Days of Ramadan Crafts with my children. It was a very big task and I just managed to get it all done before the end of Ramadan. This year insha'Allah we will be doing some more crafts but not to the grand scale of last year!  Below are the direct links to each Ramadan craft tutorial:

Below are a few photos of the more popular crafts I have blogged about in this project.

Don't Forget that if you have made any of the Ramadan Crafts that I have blogged about, then please send in a photograph and I will publish them on my Facebook Page! You can send this via email ( or post on my Facebook Page Karimas-Crafts directly.

Monday 16 June 2014

Ramadan Calendar Tutorial

My 2 girls have been busy this week making their Ramadan Calendars! I took some photos as they made them so that I could make a tutorial to show you how easy these are to make at home! This year we made our calendars from 'Seed Trays' bought in the gardening section of most stores. We bought the ones that had 40 compartments so that we had enough compartments for the 30 days of Ramadan. We filled our compartments with sweets but you could fill them with some little Ramadan Paper Inserts.


  • A 40 compartment seed tray
  • Tissue Paper
  • White Stickers
  • Glue
  • Crafts to decorate
  • Sweets to fill the compartments or Little Ramadan Notes


Step 1: Fill your 30 compartments with your chosen sweets/paper inserts. Leave the top 10 trays empty.
Step 2: Glue around the edges where you want to stick your tissue paper.
Step 3: Place the tissue paper over the tray very carefully, only pressing on the sides, otherwise you may tear the tissue paper. You could pre-cut the paper first to the size required to make it easier.

Step 4: Write out the numbers from 1 to 30 on some sticker paper. (Make sure it is smaller than the compartment). Stick very carefully onto the tissue paper so not to break the paper.
Step 5: Decorate a Header for the top of the Calendar using any craft materials you wish. Glue this onto the top of the tray.
Step 6: You can add as much decoration as you wish, we used to decorative tape for design and also to help protect the sides of the compartment. You could try and add some string to the top if you wish for this to be hung on a wall.

The way to use these calendars are that you press down on the number relevant for each day of Ramadan and it will tear/give way to reveal your sweet or note. Both my girls followed the same tutorial but decorated it to their own tastes.

We had already made our calendars when I noticed that another great blogger had made some free Ramadan Calendar Inserts and published them on her blog! We would have definitely used some of these inserts instead of using sweets for every day! If you wish to use these great inserts here is a link to her blog, Noor Janan Homeschool: ramadan-calendar-inserts.html

Monday 9 June 2014

Ramadan Scrapbook Tutorial

This year my girls designed a lovely Ramadan Scrapbook at their weekly Islamic Class. The lovely Michelle, their teacher, showed them exactly how easy these are to make and that they are a great way of of keeping a diary of things that the children have done during the month of Ramadan.

You can use this scrapbook to log anything that you do during Ramadan like a daily diary. I suggest 30 sheets for 30 days of Ramadan or 15 sheets so that you can use both sides for the 30 days of Ramadan.  I will be suggesting to my girls to write down anything memorable that day, it could be if they fasted, if they learnt or practised and new surah's or if they had anything yummy to eat that day. They can either draw something on each page or even attach any photos of things they have done.


2 pieces of card (for the front and back)
30 pieces of plain paper (or 15 pieces to use double sided)
A piece of string
A Hole Punch
Glue / Crafts for decorating the front cover.


Step 1: Using one piece of card make a lovely personalised design for your front cover of your scrapbook. You can either draw a design or using glue you can stick craft pieces on to make a unique design.

Step 2: Place the sheets of paper between the 2 pieces of card to make your book. Using a hole punch make the holes. (You may need to punch the card separate if it is too thick)

Step 3: Use a piece of string or ribbon to slot through the holes and tie into a bow to secure the scrapbook together.

For each day of Ramadan you can either write something down that is memorable or stick in some photographs or drawings.

Monday 2 June 2014

Home Grown Potatoes Project

home grown potatoes

This year my girls started a project to grow things in our container garden that we originally started  last year.  As we are a homeschooling family we were able to take advantage of the free educational potato growing pack that are normally sent to UK schools. My girls were so excited when the pack arrived in the post! here is a photo below of the pack sent to our home address for free.

home grown potatoes

The girls started keeping a log of how the potatoes were doing once we had followed all the instructions and eventually planted them outside in the containers and the black sack that was provided to us in the pack.

home grown potatoes

home grown potatoes

Once the potatoes had been growing the recommended time, the girls then picked them out of the soil themselves. We washed them, boiled them and had them for our tea with melted butter. They were delicious and the children were extremely happy with all the work they had put into growing them.

home grown potatoes