Tuesday 31 October 2017

F Stop Doctor Who Style

If you follow my posts you will know I did a photography course during the summer.  I then decided to start the higher level course photography which started in September this year.  As part of my work I had to show evidence of trying out different F-Stops in my photos.  I thought what better than to add a bit of 'Geek' to it.  I used Doctor Who props that belonged to my young daughter for this piece of work.

The photo below is using F 4.5 as you can see the background is very blurry.

The photo below is using F Stop 9  the background is still blurry but not as much as the previous photo.

The Photo below is using F STop 22  this shows the whole photo is now in focus and not blurred.

I am really enjoying the course and hope to learn more about the possibilities I have with my canon camera.  I have also started attending a local photography club to hopefully learn even more.