Monday 20 May 2013

Bathrobe / Dressing Gown Mini Tutorial

I decided to make my son a dressing gown as we couldn't find one suitable in the shops! He wanted a comfortable and good length dressing gown but we couldn't find any!  So I decided that this would be my next sewing project!

I was lucky enough to find an old duvet cover from a local charity/thrift shop at a very reasonable price and in excellent condition. I used one of my dressing gowns as a guide for the pattern and just added extra length where needed.

My Instructions:

Step 1: I lay my dressing gown onto the duvet cover and drew an outline of the back part.
Step 2: I then lay the front parts on the cover and drew 2 front parts.
Step 3: I then lay the sleeve onto the duvet and drew 2 sleeve parts.
Step 4: I used the plain back part of the duvet to add extensions to make the sleeves longer - just used the cut out pieces to match the sizes.
Step 5: I measured from the neck to the bottom of the dressing gown and cut out to long rectangles to make a border to go all around the dressing gown. I measured a length for the belt and cut out a rectangle for the belt (this was actually the same size as the other rectangles!).
Step 6: I decided at the last minute to add a pocket - so needed to cut out a square piece of fabric to make a pocket.
Step 7: Then cut out all the pieces that are required for this project.

Step 8: I then pinned the front part of the dressing gown to the sides. Sewing up the sides leaving a gap for the sleeves. Then sew across the top along the shoulders.
Step 9: I ironed the sleeve extensions to make them easier to attach. Ironed in half and then ironed the hems down. Then pin onto the bottom of the sleeve piece and sew.

Step 10: Then fold the sleeve in half lengthways and sew along the edge - finishing the sleeves.
Step 11: I placed the dressing gown inside out and placed the sleeve the correct way into the sleeve opening (see the pics). I then pinned the sleeve to the dressing gown. If you get confused, which I did a little - keep referring back to the original dressing gown to help you understand the joins!

Step 12: Sew the sleeve to the dressing gown and repeat with the other sleeve.
Step 13: Make the border by attaching the two long pieces of fabric together at the short end -making one continuous long rectangle. Then prepare this ready to attach to the sides of the dressing gown - starting at the neck.  Iron the fabric in half and then iron some hems. Attach this to the sides - aligning the join to the middle of the neck. Then pin and sew all the way along.
Step 14: To make the belt I ironed the rectangle piece of fabric as I did with the border. Ironed in half and then ironed the hems. Then sew all along the edges securing.
Step 15: Iron the hems for a pocket. Sew the top edge of the pocket making it neat. Then attach to the dressing gown and sew along attaching the pocket by sewing down the two sides and the bottom. Leaving the top open.

Step 16: I didn't make belt hoops as I find it easier with children's dressing gowns to attach the belt - so they don't fall and get lost! So I attached the belt to the dressing gown with a few stitches at the back of the dressing gown.

I apologise if these instructions are very vague - I am not a professional sewist, I just do what I can. There are plenty of YouTube videos which can help with certain sewing techniques, for example I used a video to help me understand how to attach the sleeves - here is the link if you are interested: adding sleeves There are also other ways to add the border to make it more neat and professional - but I just chose the easiest option for me!


  1. mashallah sis u r sooooo talented. It came out beautiful and professional looking. u r goooood!!!! mashallah

  2. Salam alaikum Karima, masha'Allah your talent and patience to create this robe. I spent forever searching online for a half suitable robe ready for when I go into hospital to have baby in sha Allah I decided on one from M&S i'm waiting it's arrival by post. X


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