Monday 29 August 2011

Watermelon Men

Above is a photograph of my latest little project I did with my children, Watermelon cut out with cookie cutters!

I saw a photograph on Pinterest of some Watermelon shaped into stars and thought what a great idea for kids healthy snacks! I will give credit to the blogger who gave me this idea, their link is The photo that inspired me is below, don't they look great!.

Here are my instructions, which are very simple to follow.

Step1:  Slice the watermelon so that they are just the right thickness for your cookie cutters, a lot of cutters have different depths!
Step 2: Press your cookie cutters into the slices and then remove the cut out pieces.

Step 3: Don't waste any of the remaining watermelon, either use some small cookie cutters for other shapes or just cut the remaining parts into small pieces and serve in a bowl.

Step 4: Eat and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this fun post, this is great for even the youngest children to do, my 4 year old was able to cut out the shapes easily and really loved joining in with me and her siblings. The children had much more fun eating the watermelon cut into shapes!

So go and make some use of all those cookie cutter shapes you have, I am sure the children and adults will love this as much as my children did. This would be an ideal project for any parties you have planned.

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Monday 22 August 2011

Blackout curtains

Above is a photograph of the curtains that I made for my sister. She recently had a baby and wanted to have some curtains up in the new nursery to block out the sunlight so the baby could have a nice sleep!

She lives abroad on an island where there is not much choice in curtains so she asked me to make some for her.  She forwarded on the fabric she chose for her curtains and arranged to collect them when she next visited the UK.  She has constant sun where she lives so I told her it was a must to have blackout lining on the curtains, which she agreed.

I have made many curtains for my own home but never for anyone else so I was a little apprehensive!  This time I made sure that I was cutting everything correctly and pinning and sewing more accurately than I normally do for myself.

She originally only had some blinds at the window which didn't block the light out at all. She had a small valance at the window so she decided to buy fabric with a matching colour which was a 'wine' colour. Below is a photograph of the original window feature.

When my sister returned to her home she took these photos of her new curtains and immediately emailed me them. She guessed I might want to show them on my blog, she guessed right!  Below is another photograph of the curtains with them opened this time.

She had sent me plenty of fabric for these curtains which meant I had plenty remaining, so I also made her a couple of cushion covers too! Below is the photograph of the matching cushion covers.
My sister is so happy with her new curtains, which makes me a very happy sister too!

I just had to share a photo of my gorgeous niece who is the one these curtains were really made for, isn't she just adorable, its such a shame they live so far away, thank goodness for skype and the internet!

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