Saturday 30 April 2016

Fitra Journal Review

I feel very honoured to have been chosen to have an article I wrote to be printed in the brand new magazine 'Fitra Journal - The Muslim Homeschool Quarterly'.  There are so many other brilliant articles in the magazine that I decided I needed to do a review on this brilliant new homeschooling resource.

If you are already homeschooling or just interested in homeschooling then I would suggest having a look at this magazine to give you some ideas of how homeschooling works for other families.

I wrote about my own personal journey to homeschooling which involved getting my husband on my side as he really wasn't interested in homeschooling at all. He originally thought that schooling can only be done in a school and it took a while to convince him otherwise.

Getting My Husband To Agree To Homeschooling - By Karima Heraoua

This is my story about how I managed to get my husband to agree to homeschooling our children - something I had wanted to do for many years. He was firmly against me homeschooling due to how he saw schooling.  We come from different backgrounds. Schools in his native North Africa were very strict and he had to pass yearly tests before he moved up to the next class.  It was very regimental.  In the school system I was brought up with in the United Kingdom we were always in the same class as those of the same age no matter the ability..........................................

The above is a sneak peak to the first paragraph of my article. If you want to read the rest of the article I will post links to where you can purchase the magazine which is available to buy from Amazon.

One of my best friends, Samar, also has her article in this first edition.

Single-Parent Homeschooling - Samar Asamoah
Samar does a brilliant job as a single parent who homeschools and also works self employed. She talks about how her journey started and how she has adapted to the changes.  She is a brilliant artist and you can find her designs at

Some other favourites of mine from this edition are:

Do You Have A Homeschooling Mission Statement? - By Priscilla Martinez
She talks about how important it was for her family to have a 'Mission Statement' even though it has changed many times over the years. She also talks about making sure you are flexible, which may sound contradictory but it works well.

Why I Still Homeschool In A Muslim Country - By Brooke Benoit
Brooke is a homeschooling mum to seven and is the Editor of this magazine and I think her article is quite an important one for many Muslims.  We seem to think that if we move to a Muslim country that the schools there will be better than the ones in our current country so we don't need to homeschool.  She explains some of the issues with expats relocating to Muslim countries.

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Sunday 17 April 2016

Arty Princess Blog

My 9 year old daughter has now entered the blogging world.  I have shared many of her crafts over the years and now she is ready to have her own dedicated blog to share her personal work.

I would love it if my followers could also follow her and support her in this new adventure.

She also has a facebook pagelinked to her blog if you wish to follow that one.

Wednesday 6 April 2016


To celebrate reaching 4,000 Facebook Likes I am doing a Giveaway!!!!

I am working alongside my teenage daughter by offering as a prize one of her lovely handmade Sea Glass necklaces that she makes.  You can find her blog at

To enter this giveaway you need to visit my Facebook Page and on the Giveaway Post leave a comment saying 'slhcrafts'. Very easy to enter and open worldwide. so what are you waiting for!!!  My Facebook Page Link is

If you are interested in purchasing one of her necklaces, she has an ETSY shop, go take a look.

Sunday 3 April 2016

Penshaw Monument Painting

My 8 year old daughter recently painted some lovely bright landscape acrylic paintings.  She actually sold both of them fairly quickly.  She is a member of a local art group and they are holding an exhibition in the local shopping centre and wanted to have one of her paintings exhibited.  We thought she could do a similar design but with a local twist.  Penshaw Monument is a local landmark which many locals will immediately recognise so we thought that that might make it more easy to sell.  I have previously took many photographs of this monument so we had some photos to use to get the layout correct.

If you missed her previous paintings here are the links:

A close up photograph of the monument which I have taken is shown below.