Monday 18 January 2016

Acrylic Painting block colours

I recently shared a post showing a painting my 8 year old made which was sold straight away after being up in an exhibition. Here is the link if you missed it:    Anyway she decided to do another painting with a similar style, block painting.  I am happy to say that this painting was sold immediately too. So she has now sold 2 of her paintings.

Below are some photographs of her doing this painting. The painting below is her doing the first layer of acrylics.

The photo below is her adding the second layer of paints to bring out the bold colours.

The photo below shows the finished painting before it is framed. Last time she chose a white frame but this time we went for a silver frame.

Below is the photograph of her last painting she sold, which had a similar design.


  1. I love this technique! I love the colours and the shapes that your daughter's done.

    I've haven't heard of this style before but now you've really peaked my interest - off I go to search more about it!

  2. This is also a very good post Karima which I really enjoyed reading. Please keep up the effective work.


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