Monday, 22 September 2014

Praying Hijab Tutorial - DIY

praying hijab tutorial diy islamic

I decided to make another hijab for my youngest using an old maxi dress. This was an old one that I no longer wore or needed! I basically followed the same procedure as I have used previously when making a hijab from old clothes! The photo below shows the bottom part of the maxi dress placed on a chair so you can see it more clearly.

Here is a link to the original tutorial that I shared a few years ago:

praying hijab tutorial diy islamic

Thursday, 18 September 2014

No Bake Cheesecake recipe

no bake cheesecake strawberry

I actually made this lovely dessert during Ramadan and just came across the photos this week in my albums.  I thought I would post the recipe on my blog so that others can have a go at making it.  I made 5 cheesecakes in total, the photo above shows an individual cheesecake, though I am sure it could be shared if you wish!


2 packet of digestive biscuits (600g)
2 tubs of soft cheese (600g)
Melted Butter (200g)
vanilla and lemon flavouring
Fresh Strawberries
Chocolate Sprinkles

no bake cheesecake strawberry


Step 1) Crush the digestive biscuits (my method is placing inside a large bag and crushing with the rolling pin!)
Step 2) Melt the butter (I used microwave for quickness!)
Step 3) Mix the butter with the crushed biscuits with your hands
Step 4) Place the biscuit mixture into the container and press down firmly
Step 5) Optional - Place the container with the biscuit mixture into the fridge to make the base set a little!
Step 6) Mix the cream cheese up with a fork and add a few drops of vanilla essence and lemon juice to the cream cheese
Step 7) Place this mixture onto the top of the biscuit base you just made
Step 8) Optional - You can add another layer of biscuit and cheese if you so wish (I did this for one of my containers)
Step 9) Then decorate the top of the cheesecake with some chocolate sprinkles or other decorations.
Step 10) Place them in the fridge for about 1 hour to let them set

If you liked these cheesecakes, here are a few other varieties of no-bake cheesecake I have made previously:

Chocolate Cheesecake:
no bake cheesecake strawberry

Individual Fun Coloured Mini Cheesecakes:
no bake cheesecake strawberry

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Our Homeschooling Journey

We started our homeschooling work on Monday 1st of September 2014. We have just finished 2 weeks of work which included many outside visits both educational and also just for fun socialising!  I was asked a few times to put some updates on my blog about how homeschooling is working for us as a family, so thought that I might do some regular updates when I have anything interesting to say! This is our second year on this journey of Home Educating also known as Homeschooling.

The main photo above shows some of the children that turned up to a no-school picnic organised by the local home educated children's parents. This was held in the first week and the weather was beautiful and all the children really enjoyed themselves. It was a great start to our first week and it also shows how socialised all our kids are!!!!

The photos below show my girls and some other HE (Home Educated) children enjoying a visit to a castle and old priory, again the weather was brilliant and they got their chance to learn some History and have some sporty time playing outside!

The photos below show another HE picnic and park visit we had this week for all the local HE children to meet up and have fun with plenty of exercise!

This week we also got to visit the beach with other HE kids and do some Rock Pooling looking for different sea creatures! Not sure which subject this goes under but also included a lot of exercise!

This week we also got to go along with some other HE kids to visit a museum which covered History and religion and other subjects I am sure! The kids also got to have some play in the park and play park!

This weekend we also got to visit a lovely museum for free, normally there is a cost! (Free Heritage Weekend in UK) The girls really enjoyed this, especially the fact they got to go inside a plane's cockpit! The staff at the museum were brilliant, really friendly and helpful.

This weekend my girls also did some cookery and art work (decorating cakes).

My eldest daughter has also been doing some face painting and henna work these past 2 weeks, which will be classed as an Art subject.

The photos above mainly show the fun work but they also found plenty of time to do their other main subjects like, English, Maths, Science, Geography, History, Islamic Studies, Arabic, Art. They also got to go to their weekly Girl Guides and Brownies clubs which they love! I am sure I have missed something off as they have a very rich variety of things that they do each week!

Here are the girls in their uniforms for Brownies and Guides taken a few months back!

I hope this has given you some insight as to how much can be achieved in such a short time and how much variety the HE kids can have in their daily lives! We work with structure and follow the curriculum for the three main subjects of English, Maths and Science. I have also started following History and Geography KS3 for my eldest but just keeping choices open for my youngest girl. 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Fabric Painting Crafts

In the summer holidays we tried to take advantage of any craft activities being held around our city in the Museums or Libraries, especially free ones!

We managed to attend a lovely fabric painting session. My eldest daughter made a fabric design on a tote bag which she got to keep afterwards for free. My youngest daughter made a fabric design ona pillowcase which she also got to keep for free.

Another free session was to make your own herb planter. The girls got to design a cover for a plant pot and were given some herbs and soil to plant in it - this was also free!

Friday, 5 September 2014

DIY Pinboard Tutorial

We have just had our Kitchen updated and I wanted to place a pinboard on the wall next to the kitchen door. The only problem was finding one the right size for the space! I decided that I should make one myself but with the least amount of work involved!

I had an old photo frame stored away and an old pinboard that we no longer used so decided to use them both to make one nice stylish pinboard that was the right size for the space on my kitchen wall.

Easy Steps:

Step 1:  I removed the back and the glass from the photoframe, I needed to dispose of the glass as it is not needed now.
Step 2:  I removed the corkboard from my larger pinboard.
Step 3: I cut the corkboard to the size of the photo frame, you could use the backing as a template!
Step 4: I placed the corkboard into the frame and re-attached the backing.

I now have the perfect sized and stylish pinboard in my kitchen now!

Monday, 1 September 2014

First day of 'No School' Photo

I thought I would share with you all a photograph I took today of my girls. Today was the first day of Home Education for them for this educational year! We had a visit to 2 different Museums and a visit to the park - they had great fun! This is our second year of home education and we are all looking forward to what this year may bring for us all, insha'Allah.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

DIY Cardboard Storage Box Tutorial

I had a cubed style storage unit which I really wanted to use with storage boxes. However I could not find any shop bought storage boxes to fit the size I needed. I kind of gave up looking until one day I had some large cardboard boxes left over from when we did some new work in the kitchen. I realised that I could make use of these extra large boxes and cut them down to size for the storage boxes I had so desperately wanted.

There are probably easier or more secure ways to have made these boxes, however this is the way I used, you could modify it and make some extra flaps for security. I am really pleased with the boxes I made and it makes the Storage Unit look more tidy now!

My simple Instructions:

  • Measure the width, height, length of your cube shape. My box was not exactly square shape, it was a rectangle shape.
  • Mark the measurements onto the cardboard using a ruler. Please remember to make the box a bit smaller so that it has room to fit into the space, so not to be too tight.
  • I cut the finished shape into a cross style shape, making sure that the centre shape is the exact same shape as the bottom of your required box. Then make sure that you mark the correct height for each side of the box.
  • Once you have you required shape, you then need to fold at the edges and then secure the sides together. I did this by using parcel tape and wrapping the whole box in tape.
  • To decorate I used sticky backed plastic, one in a floral design and another in a wood finish design. You could glue fabric to the box or decorate in another way.