Friday 29 November 2013

Organising Challenge - Days 17-19

Last week I only managed to fit in 3 challenges as I have had a very busy schedule including a lot of emergencies this past week! I haven't done any challenges this week too - so not sure if I will have a post for this challenge next week, but we will see! Below are the three that I managed to complete.

Day 17 - Downstairs Bathroom Cupboard Organised. I found so many empty tubes/bottles etc in the cupboard that needed to be thrown out - that it was then so easy to wash and rearrange the cupboard! Everything is now accessible for once!

Day 18 - Organised my Hijab Pins/Brooches etc. I already had a designated place but it was quite messy and not organised, so I started from scratch and made some lovely card hangers and arranged the pins in a better order!

Day 19 - Sorted out all the shoes! I had already sorted out some of the old shoes and thrown away or gave to charity. I have all the summer shoes put in the coat cupboard as they are not being used now and all the winter shoes stored in the shoe storage for easy access!

Monday 25 November 2013

Crocheted Doll Clothes

My 11 year old daughter has been very busy the last few days designing crocheted doll clothes for her 6 year old sister's dolls! She has made different designs for different dolls and I thought I would share them with you.  She didn't follow any pattern she just crocheted free hand.

Below are some of the photographs a bit larger so you can see them a bit more clearly. The one directly below are some shoes to fit a standard baby doll.

The crocheted dress below was made for a small miniature doll. I love the bottom of the dress design.

The crocheted top and shorts were made for a standard Barbie size doll.

It has been a long while since she did any crochet work, I think personally it is the cold weather that has started her off. More time in the house during the dark cold nights means more time snuggling up and doing crochet work!

Monday 18 November 2013

Organising Challenge - Days 13-16

Yeah I managed another 4 Organising Projects last week. This time the projects were slightly different, not just the standard sorting jobs I have previously blogged about!

So here goes the first one from last week:

Day 13 - Home Organising - Made my very own Windowsill Herb Garden! I really needed to make use of the windowsill and have a dedicated space for some herbs instead of the odd plant here and there! I used some old margarine tubs for the planters and made holes in the bottom. I then used a tiered metal bathroom shelf to keep the plants in.

Day 14 - Home Organising Wall Organiser! I used a plain Magnetic Wipeboard and used coloured tape to grid the board and printed of my own labels for the board! I am really pleased with the outcome!

Day 15 - Blog List Organised! I follow many great blogs, but didn't have a handy list of them all! I have now updated my blog and listed all that I can remember and have them on my sidebar so I can find them easier! If you look at the side of my blog to your right you will see the new updated list of Blogs I Follow.

Day 16 - I organised the children's Homeschool Files. They have a few months of work now and I needed to get their things more organised. I now have 2 sliding boxes under the sofa which keeps their day to day work in (one each for each girl). And a box each with all their subject work in (alphabetical) kept in cardboard files. Lets hope this system will work better Insha'Allah.

I am not to sure if I can keep up with doing 4 challenges a week - I still have not decided which ones to do this week!

Monday 11 November 2013

Organising Challenge Days 9-12

I managed another 4 Organising Challenges last week! I am really pleased to have managed to get to number 12. I hope you are getting inspired by my challenge!

Day 9: Bathroom Cupboard Organised - I purchased 2 more grey plastic boxes for this task. Everything is in order now and looks much neater! I even treated myself to a new bath mat! PS: Sorry for photo quality - the lighting is so bad in that room for photos!

Day 10: Kitchen Cupboards more organised. This is just one of them, I did do another one too but I have no pics.

Day 11: Organising inside my Fitted Wardrobes. I know it may still look a mess - but honestly this is much neater! I had a lot of boxes and bags all piled on top of each other. I have now added some plastic storage drawers that fit nicely inside the wardrobe to keep things more organised and easy to get too now!

Day 12: Coat Cupboard. I have an under the stairs cupboard which was meant for coats and shoes, but got used for everything! I have now organised it for the coats and shoes and can now actually walk into the cupboard! Yeah!
I still don't know which challenges I have lined up for next week, we will just have to wait and see Insha'Allah.

Here is the link to my previous Organising Post: organising-challenge-days-5-8.html

And here is the link to the first post: 31-day-home-organising-challenge.html

Thursday 7 November 2013

Organising Challenge Days 5-8

I am trying to do a weekly post updating exactly what challenges I managed to complete during the previous week Insha'Allah.  I will try to provide before and after photographs where I can, if not I will definitely try to make sure I have some after photos - not sure I want to publish all the before ones.

If you are inspired and wish to participate in this challenge then you can follow me on my Facebook Page which I will update every time I have completed a challenge. I would love it if some more people were getting involved with organising their lives or homes. Karimas-Crafts

Here is the link to the previous post showing you Days 1-4: 31-day-home-organising-challenge.html

Day 5: Under The Kitchen Sink Cupboard - I had a clear out and then organised everything else that needed to be there.

Day 6: Bathroom Corner Organised - I bought a laundry basket with a lid (charity shop bargain!) so this spurred me on to do the bathroom!

Day 7: Organising my Freezer (Just after pics) I bought a few plastic baskets to organise the small frozen items, this makes it much easier to just pull out the basket rather than trying to reach something at the back!

Day 8: Organising Airing Cupboard - I know it still looks a bit of a mess - but it is much more organised and at least now when I open the door things don't fall on top of me! I already had 3 boxes, and was given another 2 from my mum and I had to buy 2 large boxes.

I will try to update you next week on this week's challenges Insha'Allah.

Monday 4 November 2013

Safety Pin Brooches Tutorial

Today's post is showing you how easy it is to make your own safety pin brooches. My dear friend from recently made some of these which then inspired me to have a go too!  Below is a photograph of the ones that she made - she also sells them online too!

  • Safety Pins
  • Beads
  • Pliers (I used normal ones, but craft ones would be better!)
  • Something to wrap the pin around, screwdriver or metal tubing)

Step 1: Unravel the safety pin using pliers or something else suitable - so that the beads can slot on easily.
Step 2: Place beads on to the pin.
Step 3: Then wrap the metal around something using pliers to try to reform back into the original shape as best you can!

That is it - so simple - the ones in my photograph were all made by myself with the help of my 6 year old daughter as the main designer!