Thursday 18 July 2013

Henna Crafts - 30 Days of Ramadan Crafts

Day 17 - Henna Crafts
My girls love having Henna done on them. Its not very often they get the opportunity to have it done professionally so we have started doing this ourselves using self adhesive stickers and the tubes of henna. I haven't found these stickers locally but I know you can buy them on Ebay.
Another alternative is to make your own sticker designs from normal stickers! The photo below shows an example of this. It is always easier to have someone do this to you but you can still try to do this to yourself. My eldest daughter does her own designs on herself using stickers and she also experiments with freehand designs too!
We always keep the sticker sheet remains as we can use these for templates when doing any design work! We have so many heart/flower shape sticker templates now! We now use the sticker templates when doing Henna designs. The photograph above shows how we utilised the template of a flower and also a smaller flower sticker to make a lovely flower henna Design.
The photograph below shows how we use the bought specially made Henna Stickers. These can normally be used a couple of times before their stickiness goes!
Another Henna Craft that doesn't involve actual Henna is to design your own Henna Design on a blank hand template. Below is a photo and a link to the free download of the blank hand template that I designed so you can draw your own henna designs.hennahand.pdf
Below are some photographs of designs my children have made using the Paper Templates. They can draw their designs on the paper as part of a craft session or they could use these as an example of a design they actually want to do on their own hands. 
Below is a photograph of some Henna work we have also done on Feet!
Helpful Hints:
Children might actually have more fun drawing around their own hands to make some templates for the Henna Designs. 
Don't Forget that if you have made any of the Ramadan Crafts that I have blogged about, then please send in a photograph and I will publish this on my blog and my Facebook Page! You can send this via email ( or post on my Facebook Page Karimas-Crafts directly


  1. Well done Karima! It looks real good.
    I see all the family is taking part, brilliant idea.
    Sweet thoughts from France. xx

  2. Thanks Marie - hope you and your little one are doing well. :)


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