Thursday 18 July 2013

Guest Post - Fabulosity Studio

I was asked by my wonderful and thrifty blogger friend to do a guest blog post for her seriously crafty Blog, so I jumped on this exciting opportunity. I am new to the blogging world so this is exhilarating for me.
It’s the Holy month of Ramadan! Since this is the month of blessings and festivities, it would be fitting to create a blog post related to it. This month, I have a tight leash on my households' eating habits. it’s easier since my kids are only 3 and a half but I have a very demanding foodie husband who when fasting, thinks of new dishes for me to try, not bothering to wonder that I would be the one making it or how much that impacts his waist line. It goes like this at 6 in the evening when he finishes watching a rather feisty cooking show on TV.
"When are we going to have a proper Iftari? You have never made kachoris, have you? You really should think of something new, all this regular stuff isn’t doing me any good. “
Rest assured, I make enough food for Iftari to feed a small army, yet regular food isn’t good enough sometimes for Masterchef watching husbands. *eye rolling*
We have such a short time between Iftari and Sehri to eat that I think it’s useless to make so much food. Overeating leads to weight gain, and I really think it’s a grandmother’s trick to make the children eat more food that you actually lose weight during the fasting month. It’s just plain wrong, I tell you.

So the Iftari in my house is fruit chaat and for dinner, we have chapatti and curries or boiled basmati rice with daal. Speaking of some much desi food reminds me that I have to share this little tit-bit. When we are sautéing onions which is compulsory in almost all Pakistani dishes, first heat the pan, don't pour oil, just toss in the sliced onions and sauté them dry. They don’t stick to the pan and when they are starting to get a bit brown and a bit soft, add a tablespoon or two of oil which will be all the oil you will need. It’s much more economical as well.
So I got to thinking about Eid and how we are again going to indulge in mithais, baklavas, kheer, sheer korma, and chocolates as well, but then I thought about people who can't eat them like my father-in-law who is diabetic, and maybe those who are on a strict diet as well, so I made a very healthy truffle box all suited for people like them and people like me who are a bit health conscious.
Here it goes, hope you will like it (fingers crossed), you can give these as gifts on Eid. 
  • Medjoul Dates 90 grams 
  • Medjoul Dates with the stone removed 3 to 6 
  • Almonds 35 grams 
  • Almonds 25 grams for the stuffed dates
  • Walnuts 35 grams 
  • Walnuts 10 grams 
  • 10 grams desicated coconut
  • 10 grams of sesame seeds 
  • one square of dark chocolate (optioinal , I used lindtt's 85% dark chocolate)
  • one teaspoon of castor sugar, (optional) 
  • some more walnuts for decoration
  • Truffle boxes, I bought mine from Here
  • Ribbons
  • Filling ( mine is from the glossy boxes I got, I just thought they are so pretty why throw them away ) 

The biggest requirement is a mini chopper. You can use a food processor as well.


1 First blitz the walnuts and almonds in the chopper and then set them aside in a bowl, then blitz all the dates as well after removing the stones.

2 Add the coconut as well and then mix all the ingredients well. It gets very sticky.

3 Make balls and set them aside when a little bit of mixture remains add in the sesame seeds and chop the chocolate with a knife and mix in and then make balls of this mixture as well.

4 In the chopper chop some more almonds and walnuts add a teaspoon of castor sugar.

5 Mix in a few drops of water or rose water , I only had water.

6 Then fill in the dates with the mixture and add the walnut on top.

The Finished product looks like that and yes that is an egg tray and refrigerate them for about 15 to 20 minutes so it sets.

 Time to get the truffle boxes out.

Line the boxes with tissue paper and box your date balls and the stuffed balls. I could just get five of them in the box.

And your Eid truffle boxes are ready to hand out to your friends and relatives.

Ramadhan Mubarak all,

Stay Fabulous.

Love and Peace All

Sheen x

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