Saturday 25 April 2015

Felt Tissue Pack Holder

My 8 year old daughter made this lovely Felt Tissue Pack Holder recently at a new crafty Tea Shop that has opened in our city. She had a little help as we couldn't take long but this is something she could have definitely completed herself if she had time at home.


  • Tissue Pack
  • Rectangle Piece of Felt
  • Scrap pieces of felt or other decorations
  • Needle and coloured threads
  • Scissors/Pins


Step 1: Make sure you have enough felt to wrap around the tissue pack. Then place the pack onto the rectangle and fold the felt over the tissue pack and pin into place leaving a slot for the tissues to come out and to replace the pack when required.
Step 2: Sew down the long sides of the Tissue pack with straight stitches.
Step 3: Add any other decorative stitches that you want or add embellishments to the holder.
Step 4: Cut out a zig zag design down the side or use pinking scissors for a neater edge.

You now have a lovely holder for your packet of tissues and unique to only you.

Sunday 12 April 2015

Folded Book Art - My First Attempt

My 2 daughters have both had an attempt at doing Folded Book Art whilst attending their Homneschooling Art Classes. I said I wanted to give it a go so I tried doing it this week. I didn't do any preparation work and rushed this as I didn't have much time but I am still pleased with how it turned out for a first attempt. It is meant to be like a 3D Heart.  I think If I put in more preparation and more time then it would come out good enough to give as a unique gift insha'Allah.

I used an old hard back book bought at a charity/thrift shop.

In case you missed my daughter's attempts at book art here are some pics for you.

Sunday 5 April 2015

Individual Banoffee Pie Recipe

I have wanted to make these for years but just never got around to it but eventually I did try and they were scrumptious!!!  I made some individual ones and also a larger one.


75g butter (melted)
200g digestive biscuits
Caramel Filling:
150g brown sugar
150g butter
1 can of carnation condensed milk (400g approx)
Pinch salt
2 ripe bananas
150ml double cream or whipping cream
100g chocolate (grated)


Step 1: To make the biscuit base add the crushed digestive biscuits into a bowl. To crush them I place the biscuits into a bag and then roll with a rolling pin, but you could use other methods). Then add the 75g melted butter and mix.
Step 2: Place the biscuit base into individual glasses or one cake bowl if preferred. Pat down on the biscuit base and then place into the Fridge for about 30 mins to set.
Step 3: Start making the caramel while the base in the Fridge. In a pan add the sugar and 150g butter and melt on a medium heat. Keep stirring until the sugar melts and mixes.
Step 4: Then add the carnation milk to the pan and bring to the boil and then remove from the heat.
Step 5: Remove the biscuit bases from the fridge and pour over the caramel and then return to the fridge until cooled completely.
Step 6:  Once cooled, remove and then place the chopped bananas onto the caramel.
Step 7: Place the cream into a bowl and whip with electric beaters until the cream is thick but not stiff. Then place over the top of the bananas.
Step 8: Grate the chocolate over the cream and the dessert is now ready to be served. Enjoy.