Monday 24 November 2014

DIY Doll Clothes Hangers

My 12 year old daughter wanted to make a Dolls Wardrobe for her little sisters dolls clothes. She made a really good one from just an old shoe box! However she needed some miniature clothes hangers to put into the wardrobe. That part of the task was put down to me!  Here is how I made these from 2 paper clips and part of a drinking straw.


2 paper clips
cut off part of a drinking straw.


Step 1: Using small pliers/or jewellery making tools open up 2 paper clips.
Step 2: Attach the two coat hangers together, twisting to secure to make one long piece with the tool.
Step 3: Cut off a small piece of straw and insert the wire into the straw.
Step 4: Make sure one end is longer than the other and then bend the wire (using pliers) into a clothes hanger shape - look at the main photograph which shows the steps to do this.

The photograph below shows the completed show box wardrobe with the clothes hangers being used to hang the clothes. Here is the link showing how she did this.

Saturday 22 November 2014

SLH Crafts - Sea Glass Necklaces

My young daughter who has the blog has recently started making Sea Glass Necklaces after she was inspired by another crafter and then getting a lesson on how to do it from another craft lady not long after. We then found out that we live next to one of the most famous Sea Glass beaches so we had the Sea Glass right on our doorstep and din't even know it before!

She has been sharing some photos of her latest creations on her blog and is also doing a giveaway on her facebook page!  She is looking to reach 500 Page likes on her Facebook Page and then she will give one lucky follower a free Sea Glass Necklace made personally be her.  So please pop by her facebook page and show your support and you may also be lucky enough to win a free necklace!

I love the designs my daughter makes and she is also making jewellery with other things, not only Sea Glass.

The lady that fist inspired my daughter to make some jewellery has a facebook page which shows her designs - you can find her here: The photo below shows some of the lovely designs that she does.

The kind lady who gave my daughter a demonstration on wire wrapping also has a facebook page, you can find her designs here: Have a look below at some jewellery she made - I love the red!

Monday 10 November 2014

Painted Hedgehog Rock

painted hedgehog rock

This weekend the girls wanted to do some painting with rocks they have collected on their numerous excursions! There was one rock that I thought looked like a hedgehog so I decided to paint a hedgehog design onto it. I think it turned out quite good. here is a close up of the original rock below.

painted hedgehog rock

I used acrylic paints on the rock to make the design. I also used some acrylic paint pens for a more detailed design. I coated the rock with one coat and then used the hairdryer to dry it quicker. Then I painted another coat and dried that with the hairdryer too. Then I used the pens to draw the spines of the hedgehog.

painted hedgehog rock

Below are some designs that my 7 year old daughter did on the rocks.

My 12 year old also did some painting but she wishes to keep her designs for her own blog over at

Monday 3 November 2014

Personalised Pincushion Tutorial

My 7 year old daughter wanted to make a gift for a friend of ours who has just had an operation and is resting at home. She decided on a pincushion and then decided to personalise it with the letter E. We chose a simple square cushion design as this would be the most easiest and quickest for my daughter to make!


  • 2 pieces of different coloured felt (or other fabric if you wish)
  • A needle and some embroidery thread.
  • Stuffing

Step 1: Cut out two square shaped pieces of the same coloured felt (this is the top and bottom of the cushion)
Step 2: Cut out the required letter, making sure it is smaller so that it fits inside the square shape with some spare space.
Step 3: Stitch the letter onto one of the squares. You could make little star designs like my daughter has done too.
Step 4: Place the other square piece underneath and then stitch around three sides attaching the two pieces together.
Step 5: Place some stuffing into the cushion.
Step 6: Then stitch the last side of the cushion making sure the end id#s fastened securely.

My other daughter also wanted to make a present for our friend, she designed a lovely vanilla candle. We wrapped up all the presents including a handmade card and took it around to her house today!