Monday 10 November 2014

Painted Hedgehog Rock

painted hedgehog rock

This weekend the girls wanted to do some painting with rocks they have collected on their numerous excursions! There was one rock that I thought looked like a hedgehog so I decided to paint a hedgehog design onto it. I think it turned out quite good. here is a close up of the original rock below.

painted hedgehog rock

I used acrylic paints on the rock to make the design. I also used some acrylic paint pens for a more detailed design. I coated the rock with one coat and then used the hairdryer to dry it quicker. Then I painted another coat and dried that with the hairdryer too. Then I used the pens to draw the spines of the hedgehog.

painted hedgehog rock

Below are some designs that my 7 year old daughter did on the rocks.

My 12 year old also did some painting but she wishes to keep her designs for her own blog over at

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