Thursday 7 November 2013

Organising Challenge Days 5-8

I am trying to do a weekly post updating exactly what challenges I managed to complete during the previous week Insha'Allah.  I will try to provide before and after photographs where I can, if not I will definitely try to make sure I have some after photos - not sure I want to publish all the before ones.

If you are inspired and wish to participate in this challenge then you can follow me on my Facebook Page which I will update every time I have completed a challenge. I would love it if some more people were getting involved with organising their lives or homes. Karimas-Crafts

Here is the link to the previous post showing you Days 1-4: 31-day-home-organising-challenge.html

Day 5: Under The Kitchen Sink Cupboard - I had a clear out and then organised everything else that needed to be there.

Day 6: Bathroom Corner Organised - I bought a laundry basket with a lid (charity shop bargain!) so this spurred me on to do the bathroom!

Day 7: Organising my Freezer (Just after pics) I bought a few plastic baskets to organise the small frozen items, this makes it much easier to just pull out the basket rather than trying to reach something at the back!

Day 8: Organising Airing Cupboard - I know it still looks a bit of a mess - but it is much more organised and at least now when I open the door things don't fall on top of me! I already had 3 boxes, and was given another 2 from my mum and I had to buy 2 large boxes.

I will try to update you next week on this week's challenges Insha'Allah.

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