Saturday 6 July 2013

Islamic Doorknob Hangers - 30 Days of Ramadan Crafts

Islamic Doorknob Hangers Muslim Ramadan Crafts
Day 6 - Islamic Doorknob Hangers

I designed these particular Doorknob Hangers for my children to use specifically during Ramadan but they could be used for anytime! My children decided on the black and white printed designs and hand coloured them in themselves. I have some free download links at the bottom of the post of the same design if you wish to print them out or you could get your children to make their own designs! I also designed some already pre-coloured and ready to use!

If your children are joining in with Ramadan and waking up for Suhoor these are great little reminders for them when they go to bed!

  • Card
  • Colouring implements (Paint/crayons etc.)
  • Optional (Laminator)
Islamic Doorknob Hangers Muslim Ramadan Crafts

Print off your Template (either blank or black and white version) Preferably using card or attach to card later.
Write out and design your template or colour in the ready made one.
Cut the hanger out carefully.
Optional: You could laminate these to make them more sturdy.

Helpful Hints:
If you think these are going to tear easy then you could place them onto some sturdy cardboard or as mentioned earlier laminate them if you have a laminator.  If you want to print off some ready made ones then there are some links below where you can download for free the templates that I designed.

Free Download link: doorknob signs blank.pdf
 Free Download link: doorknob sign fajr baw
Free Download Link: doorknob sign suhoor baw.pdf

Free Download Link: doorknob sign fajr col.pdf

Free Download Link: doorknob sign suhoor col.pdf

Don't Forget that if you have made any of the Ramadan Crafts that I have blogged about, then please send in a photograph and I will publish this on my blog and my Facebook Page! You can send this via email or post on my Facebook Page Karimas-Crafts directly


  1. love the door girls would use these for sure. Thanks Karima and Ramadan Kareem!

  2. This project was a big task - and took up a lot of my time! Sorry I never got to respond to everybody's comments - I really do appreciate them all! I hope everybody is having a great Ramadan.

  3. Ramadan Mubarak Karima! I look forward to crafting with my preschoolers this week using your ideas. Will take photos to share, inshAllah.


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