Monday 21 September 2015

Eid Cookies - Sheep

We had a great time making the Eid cookies last week so decided to make some more but this time try a different design. We decided on making Sheep Cookies which is linked with Eid.

I used the same cookie recipe and icing as I did with the other cookies I posted about yesterday.


Step 1: Using a sheep cookie cutter I cut out the shapes from the cookie dough (see separate recipe)
Step 2: Bake and allow to cool down.
Step 3: Cover the sheep with one thin layer of white icing and allow to dry (about an hour)
Step 4: Using thick white incing decorate the sheep with swirls to look like wool.
Step 5: Add eyes and optional add a colour for the legs. I used cake decoration balls for the eyes and gold edible icing.

We had some spare cookie dough and icing leftover so we decided to make a couple of Muslima/Hijabi cookies too! Using a gingerbread cookie cutter I cut out the dough and then pressed the legs together to make it look like a skirt. Then decorated with the icing. I used a food pen to draw the face.

The link below shows the sugar cookie recipe I used.

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  1. Hey dear, I am going to feature this beautiful idea in my blog post. I hope you will be happy to see your work featured. Feel free to visit & grab the featured button on your blog!

    Thank You.


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