Monday 11 February 2013

DIY Stylish Storage Boxes - Great Ideas

The photograph above shows some boxes that I covered with Sticky Backed Plastic. The photograph doesn't really do justice for them. The camera light is shining off the boxes but when you see them in my home they look perfect!

I just used some normal packing boxes that I got from a local shop (they would have just been thrown out!). I secured the sides with some packing tape and then I cut out some sticky backed plastic and covered all the outsides of the box. I also allowed some plastic to go over the top edge.

I now use these to keep some of my sewing projects in and to store some of my wool!


  1. Lovely idea...
    I must say that you are the master of recycling and reusing.
    Stay blessed...

    1. Thank you - yes I love to recycle and re-use :)

  2. very nice & interesting :) thanks for sharing dear sis


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