Wednesday 13 February 2013

Book Review - The Path That Allah Made

All my children have read this book and they have all enjoyed it. I am again going to give 2 reviews, one from myself and one from my eldest daughter, so you can see the point of view from a child.
My Review:
This book is actually an illustrated poem. To be honest even though it is a poem it isn't one that is easy for a child to read as a poem, even for me I wasn't sure which part was rhyming! It took me a few goes to understand which way to make it rhyme as a poem, at first I read it as a book. Once my 5 year old had heard it a few times she attempted to read it herself. The illustrations are very bright and really caught the attention of my daughter.  I have to give a bit of a mixed review for this - Yes it was hard to read and grasp at first, but once you do the story is giving important information to young children about all the things that Allah made, so is quite useful.
Review by My 10 year old daughter:
I liked this book because it is a wonderful story to read in addition has many beautiful illustrations. I learnt from this book how everything around us for example birds, trees, people are all creations from Allah and remind us of Allah.

The Path that Allah Made – Islam & Me
Goodword Books
By Adeeba Jafri
Illustrated by Soumen Bhowmick
ISBN: 81-7898-280-3


  1. Masha Allah Karima, right now my daughter is just 7 months but I am also planning to make a mini library of these Dar us Salam books and want to read along with her, I am so impressed by you and the way you are raising your daughter :)

  2. Thank you for your sweet comments. Both my daughters love these books, I have read them these kind of book since they were very young and they love them :)

  3. Salam Alaikum Karima,

    Masha'Allah Thank you for sharing another of your book reviews, keep them coming in sha Allah

    1. Thanks - I am trying to do one a week inshallah :)


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