Thursday 5 November 2015

Mermaid Plushie Tutorial

My 8 year old daughter wanted to make a mermaid plushie as part of the Art/Crafts weekly event she has been participating in recently. The week's theme was 'Under The Sea' so instead of a painting she wanted to sew something. She chose the design herself and hand sewed the doll by herself. We used the spare fabric from some old woolen jumpers we had previously felted for older projects that we had spare.

Items Needed:

Felt (various colours)
Embroidery Thread and needle
Scissors for cutting
Paper template (we drew our own)

Step 1: Draw the design you want and cut out a paper template of all the pieces you would need to make the plushie.

Step 2: use the template to cut out the fabric pieces you need, remembering you need a front and back piece for the plushie.

Step 3: Start hand sewing the pieces together, I would suggest sewing all the front pieces together first and then the back pieces next. Then start sewing the front to the back. My daughter used a blanket stitch for all the sewing. Remember to leave a small gap to insert the stuffing.

Step 4: Insert the stuffing and then close up the gap.

Step 5: Hand sew a face design of your choice.

The photo below shows my daughter holding her completed mermaid.

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