Wednesday 28 October 2015

Glass Painting Sun Catchers

At a recent visit to our library they were running a craft session for the children to do some glass painting. My youngest wasn't going to miss such an opportunity. She designed some lovely pieces of glass which can be used as sun catchers. She painted a space theme, showing planets with stars in the background.

These were fairly easy to make. She painted onto the glass with glass paints. She then allowed the paint to dry. Once dry we then had to place these into a cold oven and turn oven up and leave for 20-30 minutes and turn oven off. Leave in the oven until they have cooled down. This is toprevent the glass from smashing in different temperatures.

These already had a hook glued onto the glass so that they can be hung on a window. She loves her new handmade decorations.


  1. Mashaa aallaah, this sun catcher is beautiful. I be making these with the kids inshaa allah


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