Saturday 17 October 2015

Home Education Academy of the Arts

My girls have just started joining in with a new project launched on Facebook this month for Homeschooled children. This is a project which aims to to run weekly theme-based arts and craft challenges for children to participate in and share their work for all to see. Here is the website showcasing the children's work.

Every Friday a poll will be on the Facebook page, for members to choose which theme they would like to do on the following week. The poll will close on a Friday evening and the votes will be counted. Whichever theme wins, is the theme that will be running as the challenge for the following week. The children have until the following Friday to submit their work.

I am excited for the girls to join in with something arty/crafty and this is good because it gives them something to focus on which also has deadlines. So far they have managed to complete the first 2 tasks of providing artwork.

The theme for the 1st week was 'Autumn' so my daughters' both did some watercolour painting with an Autumn theme. Below are their pieces of work. The first photo is a painting of Autumn leaves designed by my 8 year old daughter. The photo below that is an Autumn tree theme designed by my 13 year old daughter.

The theme for the 2nd week was 'Wildlife' and again they both did some watercolour painting for this task. Below are there entries for this task. The first photo is of a fox designed by my 8 year old daughter, the second photo is of a bird designed by my 13 year old daughter.

Next week's theme is to be 'Under the Sea' so I can't wait to see what designs my girls will come up with for that one insha'Allah.


  1. MashaAllah, they're very lovely.

  2. These paintings are beautiful. Your daughters are very talented Masha'Allah

  3. Oh wow your daughters are really talented MashaAllah. As a grown woman, they draw much, much, much better than me :)

  4. Fabulous pics! Love this idea and that you at helping them become so creative. Might have to pinch the idea!

  5. Such talent mash'Allah! I to this day could probably never do a good job ike this!

    Aishah xx

  6. Really liked these paintings. Your kids are very talented, I must say. God bless x

    Fatima I


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