Saturday 20 June 2015

Ramadan Calendar Mosque Style Tutorial

In the previous years I have always had the kids make Ramadan Calendars, this year we did a similar one to last year using plastic garden containers but this time my 8 year old wanted it in the shape of a Mosque with opening doors on it. I think it turned out really well.


  • A 40 compartment seed tray
  • Tissue Paper
  • White Stickers
  • Glue
  • Crafts to decorate
  • Sweets to fill the compartments or Little Ramadan Notes


Step 1: Fill your 30 compartments with your chosen sweets/paper inserts. Leave the two side columns empty.

Step 2: Glue around the edges where you want to stick your tissue paper.
Step 3: Place the tissue paper over the tray very carefully, only pressing on the sides, otherwise you may tear the tissue paper. You could pre-cut the paper first to the size required to make it easier.

Step 4: Write out the numbers from 1 to 30 on some sticker paper. (Make sure it is smaller than the compartment). Stick very carefully onto the tissue paper so not to break the paper.
Step 5: Decorate 2 pieces of card (doors for the tray) Glue this onto the side of the tray where there are no sweets.
Step 6: You can add as much decoration as you wish, we used to sticky glitter card to make a shape of a Mosque door, windows, minarets and a dome. We stuck these onto the doors we made.
Step 5: We also attached some card (glued) to the back of the tray so that it would keep the tray from bending about and could then be placed upright too. 

The way to use these calendars are that you press down on the number relevant for each day of Ramadan and it will tear/give way to reveal your sweet or note. 

If you want to add some notes instead of sweets here is a great link to another great blogger who has some to print off.

Here is a link to the one I made last year:

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