Sunday 28 June 2015

Book Review - My Granny

This week was Islamic Children's Book Day, I posted earlier about this, so what better time than to do a new Book Review!

I bought 'My Granny' last year for my daughters' to read. I was initially drawn to this book because it is about a young Muslim girl and her relationship with her Christian Grandmother, something which fits in well with my blended family situation.  My children have always grown up to respect their Christian family and they know how important it is in religion to be good with your family. Grandparents are very important to young children and it is good when religion does not need to get in the way of love.

My Review:

This is a brilliant book which was written by a young 9 year old girl named Fatimah-Zahra Kennedy.  She is also a homeschooled child which is real inspiration to my young homeschooled daughters. The story is all about her and her relationship with her Granny and how much they love each other's company even though they have different religions. It shows how they have respect for each other and how that the author explains that 'we should always keep ties with our kin because Allah tells us in the Quran to look after our parents and be kind to them when they are older.'

This book also has a few poems at the back of the book and an Activites section at the back for children to complete.  I highly recommend this book to anyone but especially to those who have blended families.

My Daughter's Review:

We are Muslim and we also have family who are not Muslim. I think the best part is that like this book my grandmothers aren't Muslim either but have still been very nice to me.  I am sad that one of my grandmother's has now passed away but she was always kind and I loved having to sleep at her house and getting sweets from her and she always bought halal things just for us. I loved this book because it is kind of like our family. Miss A Heraoua (Age 8)

My Granny
Fatimah-Zahra Kennedy
ISBN: 9781505369557

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