Monday 20 January 2014

Family Command Centre Tutorial

I recently changed my Family Command Centre, I originally had many different charts spread around the wall and it looked a little messy. I decided to make things look a bit neater and easier to understand so that the whole family can use this command centre.

Here is how I made mine:

  • Wipeboard (Magnetic optional)
  • Coloured tape
  • Sticky Labels (Design and print own labels)
  • Optional pinboard/wipeboard (as in photo)

Step 1: Make a paper plan of how you want to lay out your planner. Use the exact measurements of your board and draw to scale.
Step 2: Once you have decided on the layout then use the coloured tape to divide the different sections.
I chose to have the following sections: Family Notes, Weekly Menu, Shopping List, To Do List, Appointments, Future Events.

family command centre tutorial organising muslim blog

Step 3: Design the Labels on the computer and print off on sticky paper. Then place onto the board in the correct places.
Step 4: Hang up your board somewhere accessible for the whole family. (Mine is in the Kitchen).
Step 5: Start using - make sure to use the wipeboard pens!
Step 6: I have also added a pinboard and an extra wipeboard incase they are needed! (Optional)

Below is the original command centre that I had before designing this one. I think you will agree the new one looks much better!

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  1. Wonderful..:) I am a lazy organizer. I hope I will get!

  2. The new one definitely looks better and more streamlined. I need to do this, cos my organisation is all over the place!!

  3. This is a brilliant idea.....we so need this as we are totally disorganised!


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