Monday 23 December 2013

Crocheted Jar Cozy and Matching Coaster

Last week I posted about the Jar Cozy that my 11 year old daughter made, this week she made another one but this time with a matching Coaster! These are very easy to make, just one rectangle piece of crochet for the Jar Cozy and one square piece of crochet for the coaster.

She even tried experimenting and used a different technique to make this one! She crocheted using 2 balls of wool at the same time - even I don't know how to do that! The photograph below shows her at her craft.

Here is a photograph of the Jar Cozy before she stitched it up to go around the jar!

If you missed last weeks photo of her jar cozy here it is below: crocheted-jar-cozy.html


  1. she's very talented at crafts! masha allah

  2. MashAllah your 11 year old is so talented! Puts me to shame!


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