Monday 30 December 2013

Book Review - The Magic Words

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This Islamic book is one of my daughter's favourite books! She loves reading this one on a night time before she goes to bed as it is about a little girl trying to get to sleep! This book teaches young children a dua or short prayer that can be said before they sleep.

My Review

This book is a lovely book for young children. It is about a young girl named Laila who is finding it very difficult to get to sleep. It goes through all the different things that she tries to do to help her to sleep. She eventually decides she needs to find her Mama who then helps her to get to sleep using 'the magic words'. The Author has done a great job of telling a lovely story with the added bonus of including a short dua that becomes part of the story. This book can be read to very small children as there are plenty of illustrations to help you follow the story and of course the older the child is they can read the story themselves. My daughter has read this story many many times and she still loves it!

Review by my 6 year old

This book is about a girl called Laila and her mum and her pets and sleeping.  I like this book because it is funny and you learn.

The Magic Words
Author: Lisha Azad
Illustration: Azra Momin
ISBN: 978-0-9562141-8-8

I took a video of my young daughter reading this book, you can watch the video below via YouTube:


  1. Thank you Miss Heraou for that lovely reading and review - you made my day! <3

  2. sounds good! I find sometimes the islamic books are not so good or age appropriate (difficult or boring language in toddler books etc) so always good to hear of one which gets it really right

  3. I am always on the look out for more Islamic books. Thanks for this review Karima. Happy New Year!

  4. Am always on the look out for islamic books. Thanks for reviewing this x


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