Monday 21 May 2012

Great Ideas - Backpack parts reused

great ideas backpack reused

The photograph above shows a backpack that had belonged to my son.  The stitching had come away which I had repaired a couple of times but now it really was unusable as a backpack. It wasn't in good enough condition to donate to a charity shop but there were parts on it that could be reused.

Parts saved:
  • Zipped pocket
  • Meshing Net
  • Plastic fastenings on straps
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Khaki Fabric
  • Green Zip

The items that I salvaged could be used for many different projects, the zipped pocket will probably be sewed inside another bag that i own or one that i may make in the future perhaps!  Plastic fastenings could be used for numerous things.  I haven't yet used any of these but hopefully when I do I will let you know about it.
Before throwing away items that are of no use or are damaged think if you can reuse them or part of them!  If I have any damaged clothing I always remove the buttons, zips and fabric scraps for future projects.

Please share with me what things that you manage to salvage, I love learning new ideas!

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  1. Yeah I do this but I tend to keep zips buttons and pockets! They do come in handy don't they?!

  2. wow ths s super cool idea karima..lov ur blog always...

  3. I do the SAME thing! We have dogs that like to chew I always salvage the elastic! heehee. And lots of zippers from those bags that bedding come in.


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