Tuesday 2 June 2015

Cute Fabric Cushion

My 8 year old has been busy at her Brownies Club (A popular girls club in the UK). They often make or do interesting things, something different every week. She especially likes it when they do crafty projects!  Her latest crafty project was a cute fabric cushion.

Obviously I wasn't there when she did this but she explained to me how it was done which is very simple.  Decide on a picture or a them that you want on the cushion.  Have a lot of scrap bits of fabric at hand and some fabric glue and scissors.  Cut out the pieces you want and put together a picture you think will look good on the cushion.  My daughter chose an owl which turned out really good.  Once the design was made simply start gluing the pieces of cut out fabric and attach to the cushion.  Once the cushion has been finished allow to dry and insert a basic pillow or stuffing.

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