Thursday 14 May 2015

Painted Rock Bumble Bee Tutorial

painted rocks bumble bee

My girls have recently been planting some lovely flowers outside and we decided to make the plot prettier by adding some painted rock bumble bees into the flower beds.  You can use any kind of rocks, preferably ones in an oval shape more like the shape of a bumble bee.


Acrylic paint / Paintbrushes
Varnish (optional)

Step 1: Clean the rocks and allow to dry before painting them.
Step 2: Paint the whole rock yellow (may need a few coats)

Step 3: Paint Black stripes on the rock (I painted 3)
Step 4: Using white paint paint on some wings and the whites of the eyes.
Step 5: Add extra colours for eyes or just add a black pupil to eyes.
Step 6: Add varnish if you wish them to be more weatherproof for outside.

painted rocks bumble bee

I hope you like these bumble bees, my 8 year old daughter helped me painting them, not very difficult at all and a nice little project for young ones to do.

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