Wednesday 4 February 2015

Sea Glass Canvas Art Tutorial - Sea Turtle

sea glass canvas art tutorial sea turtle

If you follow my blog then you will know that my 12 year old daughter collects Sea Glass from the local beach to make her jewellery. She often has excess pieces and some small or wrong shape for what she needs.  So my 7 year old daughter decided she wanted to use the spare pieces to make a sea glass picture. She chose to make the shape of a Sea Turtle.


Sea Glass pieces of different colours (we chose green and clear shades)
PVA Glue / brush
Blue Paint / Paint brush
Blank Canvas

sea glass canvas art tutorial sea turtle


Step 1: Paint the canvas a sea colour (or choose a different design like sand). Allow to dry.
Step 2: Choose a sheet of paper the same size as the canvas and place the glass design on this to get a rough idea of your design for size.
Step 3: Glue each piece of sea glass and place onto the canvas. Allow to dry for a good few hours (we left overnight)
Step 4: Once dry add another coat of PVA glue to the whole canvas covering the paint and the glass. (This is to give it a bit of a shine and also help the glass stay attached to the canvas.) Allow to dry.

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