Monday 19 January 2015

DIY Martial Arts Canvas

diy martial arts canvas

I have recently re-decorated my son's bedroom and he wanted a Martial Arts Style/Theme.  I looked online for something suitable to decorate his wall and apart from expensive transfers and canvases there was not much choice out there!  So being the crafter I am, I decided to make my own canvases at a fraction of the costs! I made 2 martial arts canvases to hang next to each other on his wall.

diy martial arts canvas


  • Canvas
  • Black Paint (I used acrylic)
  • Paint Brush


STEP 1: Find or draw an inspired picture of a martial art theme, I went for the silhouette style. Once you have the picture you may need to enlarge it to fit the size of your canvas. I used my printing setting to print of a poster size and taped the paper together to make the full design.

STEP 2: Once you have the correct size picture you then need to draw an outline of the picture on the back of the paper by tracing it with a pencil.

STEP 3: Then place the paper, newly pencilled drawn side, onto the canvas and using a pencil scribble over the outline of the silhouette, this will leave a mark of the outline onto the canvas, check to make sure it is working while you are doing it. Make sure not to move the paper around or your drawing will not be correct.

STEP 4: You are now left with a pencil lined drawing on the canvas which you can now paint black.

STEP 5: Once dry you can now proudly hang your artwork onto the wall.

Below is a photograph of my son's new artwork hanging on his bedroom wall.

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