Monday 21 April 2014

Fridge Magnet Design Tutorial

fridge magnet design tutorial

My 6 year old wanted to make a gift for her grandmother. She decided on making a Fridge Magnet. She used a Plastic Fridge Magnet that you can buy in craft stores that you can place either a photograph inside or a piece of artwork/fabric.

This is a really quick and easy craft project that young children as well as older children or even adults can do!


  • Plastic Fridge Magnet Case
  • Felt (or other fabric)
  • Fabric paint/Pens

fridge magnet design tutorial


Step 1: Cut out a piece of Felt/Fabric the correct size for the magnet.
Step 2: Apply your design onto the fabric using fabric paints or pens.
Step 3: Allow the design to dry
Step 4: Once dry place into the magnet and close securely.

The magnet is now ready for use or to be gifted to someone!

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