Monday 17 March 2014

Lemon Vinegar Cleaner Recipe

I have wanted to make a cleaner for what seams like forever but never got around to making one until now. I have just started a new healthy regime which involves drinking natural lemon juice daily so this means I have a large supply of lemon skins going to waste! I knew this was the perfect opportunity to make my cleaner with all those peels going spare!

There are so many recipes online on how to make these cleaners, including using orange peels as an alternative too!  Here is how I made my recipe:

  • Lemon Peels (cut up)
  • Large glass Jar with lid (I used an old olives jar)
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle (I used an old empty spray bottle I already had)

Step 1: Cut up the lemon peels and place them into a large jar.
Step 2: Fill the jar with white vinegar.
Step 3: Keep adding your peels to the jar daily or whenever you get more peels.
Step 4: Allow the lemon peels to steep in the jar for 2 weeks, keep swishing the lemons and vinegar in the jar.
Step 5: After a few weeks strain the liquid into another container (making sure any skin and pulp is removed). Dilute the liquid with water 50/50.
Step 6: Place the diluted liquid into a spray bottle - it is now ready to use!

Some people like to use the liquid neat to clean glass and other things, some prefer it diluted 50/50 and others prefer to dilute it with 2/3 water. It really depends on what you are wanting to clean.  Some people also like to add bicarbonate to their mixture.  

Here is an online link I found that shows some really good tutorials on making a variety of different citrus cleaners:

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