Friday 7 March 2014

Book Review - From Somalia with Love

I recently bought this book for my eldest daughter after seeing some good reviews online. She really enjoyed reading this and she decided to do a review about this great read. I haven't personally read this book but I might do so at a later date, Insha'Allah.

Book Review - By my 11 year old daughter

From Somalia, with Love is about Safia Dirie a Somalian teenage girl who has been living with her mum and her two brothers in East London in England almost all her life.  When suddenly her supposedly dead father comes home. Can she deal with his demands and temper and still be a good Muslim girl?  Read the book to find out.

I can relate to Safia in this book as I too am a young Muslim girl living in England who has to deal with the traditions of a foreign dad! I really enjoyed this book and would recommend you reading it.

From Somalia, with love
Author: Na'ima B. Robert
ISBN: 978-1-84507-832-4

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  1. Interesting review Karima. It's good that your girls share their thoughts on the books they read too.


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