Monday 27 January 2014

SLH Crafts Review

Those who follow me on Facebook will already know that my young crafty daughter is now blogging and has her own brand new website. However those who don't have Facebook won't know about this so I thought I would do a post about her new blog! She would love some new followers -

She is only 11 and loves doing anything crafty! I started homeschooling my girls since July last year which means she gets to have more time at home to do all the different types of crafts that she loves.  I used to showcase some of her work here on my blog, but now that she has her own blog I will have to find some different crafts to publish!

Here are a few of her latest blog posts: Charcoal drawings:

Her latest hairstyles she loves doing:

Crochet Hook Roll Tutorial:

Crocheted Jar Cozy and Matching Coaster:

Below is a collage of some photos of my daughter being crafty! She loves crochet, drawing, sewing, henna and many other crafty things!

So as this is a review, I will end this post with that I think this is a brilliant website written by a brilliant young girl (I have to say that as she is my daughter!) but honestly she looooves crafts and I think we will be seeing some more lovely work from her in the near future, insha'Allah.


  1. Lovely! Loved all of those.. Good luck! Sending love and hugs to you both..:)

  2. How nice Karima!!
    She is talented, I'll follow her blog to discover more and more new ideas.
    Take care.


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