Monday 6 January 2014

10 Minute Easy Headband Tutorial

10 minute easy headband tutorial muslim blog
Today my 6 year old daughter made this headband. It really is that easy and that quick! She made it from pink patterned fabric from an old summer dress - so a great upcycling project too! The only part I had to do myself  because of her young age was the ironing.
10 minute easy headband tutorial muslim blog
Here is my tutorial for this really easy headband.
  • Rectangle piece of fabric (ours was 19in long and 4in wide)
  • one Hairband
  • Iron
  • Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread.
(measure the head of the person to make sure you will have enough fabric as sizes vary.)
10 minute easy headband tutorial muslim blog
Step 1: Cut out the rectangle shape of fabric and find a hairband to match. (pic 1)
Step 2: Iron hems on both sides (lengthways) and then fold in half and iron flat (Pic 2,3)
Step 3: Sew along both sides of the folded fabric (lengthways) closing the open side. (pic4)
10 minute easy headband tutorial muslim blog
Step 4: Fold over the short edges neatly, then iron the fold. (pic 5)
Step 5: Place the hairband into the folded end and sew along the edge to secure the hairband onto the headband. (pic 6)
Step 6: Then take the other end of the headband and place the hairband into the fold (making sure the headband is not twisted!).  Then sew along the fold to secure the hairband completely. (pic 7)
Step 7: You now have you very own handmade headband - made in less than 10  minutes! - it may take a little longer for children sewing though! (pic 8)
This was the old dress that she used for the fabric:


  1. As salaamu alaykum Karima

    I hope you are doing well.

    This is interesting, I've made headbands before but without the elastic band, makes it easier to use a non stretch fabric with that.

  2. This looks so simple mashAllah that I think will get my daughter to have a go


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