Monday 25 March 2013

Upcycling Plastic Pots - Bangles

Today's Post is an upcycling project that I did with my children.  Using Plastic Pots we made some bangles.

I used a fresh cream pot but any plastic pots for example yoghurt pots could be used for this kind of project. We wanted these to be gold because we wanted some gold bangles to go with a dressing up costume that we had made.


Step 1: Using Scissors I made a cut in the plastic so that I could insert the scissors in to start cutting all the way around the pot.
Step 2: Insert the scissors to make another cut underneath the first one and again cut all the way around the pot so that you now have a plastic strip (bracelet shape). Depending on how tall the pots are and how wide you want the bracelets repeat the first 2 steps to make more plastic strips.  I cut out 3 bangles.
Step 3: Decorate the bangles, we had some gold tape which we attached to the plastic strips. However you could try other alternative ways to decorate these for example: wrap around ribbon, lace, wool - Painted - Stickers - Glue other craft materials to them. Whatever you have handy.

I have used yoghurt pots in the past for craft projects, below is another upcycling project tutorial I have blogged about previously:

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