Monday 11 March 2013

Scarves Storage Ideas - Great Ideas

If you have plenty of scarves at home and are wanting some ideas on how you can store them, then here are 2 ways that I am sharing with you today.
The First is a Trouser Hanger, these are ideal to store many of your scarves and can be hung either in the wardrobe or on a coat hanger or even over the top of a door as the photograph shows.

The Second is using an over the door hanger, these also can hold many scarves and are great to place over any door in the house.  I actually have one of these placed on the passage door near the front door. This makes it easy to just grab a scarf before leaving the house!

There are of course many other ways to store your scarves, simply doing a google search will show you some other great and weird ways! Below are some other ideas:

Folded neatly into drawers
Using Shower Hooks on a hanger
Rolled and placed in baskets

Below is another idea if you don't have that many scarves - Rolled onto a tube!



  1. Interesting Ideas Karima ^.^ I like the idea of wrapping the scarf around the Pringles box

    1. Glad you like it, there are probably plenty other ways to manage scarves too!

  2. I TOTALLY loved this post...........loved loved loved

    1. I am so glad that you loved my post and kindly left a comment :)


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