Monday 25 June 2012

Short Sleeved Shirt from a Long Sleeved Shirt Tutorial

short sleeved shirt tutorial muslim blog

My eldest often has long sleeved school shirts that are either too small or the cuffs are damaged. Instead of throwing these away or donating to charity I will cut the sleeves to make the shirts wearable for the summer months. This could be done for any shirts or long sleeved tops, I do this with my children's clothes when the cuffs are damaged. This is especially good for the girls as I can make a 3/4 length sleeve which is quite fashionable!

4 Quick Easy Steps:

Step 1) To judge where to cut the sleeves is to lay a short sleeved top over the long sleeved one and add a little extra for hems and cut along.
Step 2) Unpick the stitches near the cut (a couple of centimetres) this makes it tidy later once you have sewn the hem.
Step 3) Fold and iron a hem along the sleeve and stitch all the way across the hem.
Step 4) Stitch from the top of the sleeve down securing the stitches where you had unpicked earlier.

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    1. Asalamalaikum, A new follower, how lovely. I will pop by your page later inshallah. Take Care.

  2. Nice..good idea..But I would like to suggest you one thing if you dont mind :)
    try to share big separate images while sharing sewing tutorials..collage image is usually not perfect for this kind of step by step how-to..

    1. Khadija thank you for your comments. I made this tutorial quite a while ago using Picnik. It was such an easy tutorial I didn't think I needed to be more specific. But I will now give it some more thought. Many Thanks.

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    1. Thank you Dana for your lovely comment, hope you and your family are well. K


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