Monday 13 June 2011

Toddler Outfit made from towels

toddler outfit towels

This post is about a project I made for my youngest when she was a toddler, she is 4 now, so it wasn't that long ago.

For a while, I had wanted to make her a bloomer set, also known as a ruffle pants set. I had seen a couple of tutorials online which seemed easy to follow, I was just in the need of the right fabric.

Then I saw a pack of kitchen towels which were made from a lovely bright fabric, and I immediately thought the fabric would be great for this project.

To make the top, I simply copied a similar top that she already had that fit her nicely and added a border to it.  Again for the trousers I made the basic trousers by copying a pair she already had and then I followed an online tutorial to add the ruffles.  Here is a link to a tutorial which shows you how to add ruffles to trousers: Sewing Dork Blogspot

Adding ruffles to trousers is a great way to make trousers last a bit longer by elongating them.

Below is a photograph of my youngest as a toddler wearing the outfit.

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  1. This is so cute! I love ideas where everyday items can be turned into clothes and accessories! Thanks so much for sharing - I found you through Handmade Tuesdays.. have a fabulous day!


  2. That's ingenious! I have a pattern for a bloomer set, but not the sweing skills, LOL!

  3. Okay, that is just awesome! It looks so cute on her too! If you have a chance come check out some of my Mommy Adventures.


  4. Karima - this is awesome, and your daughter looks absolutely adorable :D

  5. So sweet! The heavier fabric of the towel will be warmer for the fall! Thank you for linking to Handy Man, Crafty Woman Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  6. Aww that is the cutest little outfit ever!

    - Ellie @ Mammy Made


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