Tuesday 19 April 2011

You've Been Featured - 1

Today I am featuring Nikki from mummy's dress

She does some fantastic work, and showcases these on her blog.  I love upcycling clothes and I have found some great inspiration from this lady, she makes upcycling look so effortless and trendy!  She takes some great photos which help showcase her tutorials.  I have chosen today to show you her 15 minute Bandana Dress.  Here is the direct link to her post on her blog: Bandana Dress Tutorial

The photos basically explain what you have to do, without having to use too many words!

Step 1 - iron bandana's {which didn't get done before taking the photo}
Step 2 - place the two right sides facing each other.  Pin together at the sides and sew.
Step 3 - Fold down the top {make sure the 100% cotton writing is at the top}, iron and sew.
Step 4 - Thread elastic.
Step 5 -  Attach x2 one metre ribbon at the front and sew a loop at the back.
Step 6 - Thread ribbon.
Make a Bow.
So, that's how you turn a square bandana into a dress in less than 15 minutes.

Isn't that tutorial so great, why not pop over to her blog to see what other wonderful work Nikki has done.


  1. Thanks for the feature Karima.... and your lovely words :D
    Upcycling is heaps of fun and my girls are only to happy to pose for photos.
    Nikki xx

  2. Thank u for stopping by & following. I'm following u back on all 3 now. :)

  3. Hi Karima. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you and so glad I am! I can't wait to see the other tutorials you have in store. I'm thinking the bandana dress would look so cute on my little lady!


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