Wednesday 16 March 2011

Computer Repairs

My son asked me to write this post, as he loves to have a mention and there are not many times I have the opportunity.  It isn’t what I would normally label as a ‘craft’ but I will sneak this post under my ‘craft section’ to keep him happy.

Above and below are some photographs of my son busy with some computer parts.

My husband has his own computer repair business, this comes in very handy when my computer succumbs to them dreaded viruses!  My 12 year old son is now at the age where he is keen to help out his dad, when he has the opportunity.  My husband has been giving him a few tasks of taking computers apart and then putting them back together, and even having a go at a few repairs.
My son is a quick learner and found this quite easy so now he is keen to progress.  It’s a good way for father and son to bond and spend some quality time together, and it also gives me a break!

I am no expert on the insides of a computer so I don’t exactly know what he is doing in these photographs. My expertise is using the computer, not fixing them.  I do have a little more knowledge than previously because sometimes my husband will ask me to research things for him to do with his business.  However, I really have no interest in the mechanics of how the computer works, I am just content that it does work!

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