Saturday 5 February 2011

My Crafting Passion

I love crafting, I think I have always been interested in this since I was young. However, I never had much time to pursue this.

One of my earliest memories of sewing something was when I refashioned a long skirt that I owned. I simply cut this skirt into a short skirt and hand sewed the hem. I remember at the time feeling great, because I knew none of my friends would be wearing the same outfit!

Another memory was my DIY table. When I moved into my first apartment I didn’t have a table to put my hifi onto. I did however have a large strong box which used to hold my new TV. I used this as my table for over a year, I simply placed a nice throw over the box and nobody had a clue that it was only a cardboard box.

It has only been the last few years that I have been able to pursue my crafting. Once I became a SAHM (stay at home mum) which was 5 years ago now, I started sewing a few small projects. I used to borrow my mum’s old sewing machine for my projects. Then after a year of using my mum’s machine my husband bought me a new sewing machine as a surprise birthday present for me. This then made it easier for me to do more sewing projects.

Once my youngest turned 3 last year and she started nursery, I then had a bit more time on my hands to do more projects. This was when I started using the computer more for designing my own birthday cards and calendars for my family and friends. I also used the computer a lot for doing research on my family tree, I spent a whole year investigating the family tree and found out quite a lot of interesting facts about the family. I occasionally still do this, but only when I feel in the right mood.

I also love organizing. I live by my charts, forms and diaries. I design all my own charts and diaries and I use these on a daily basis. I always carry with me a small diary/notepad with me at all times. I never used to be so organized, but after I had my third child I had to start some kind of organizer, because there were so many things going on with each child that I was just overwhelmed. I had experience of making forms and charts when I used to be employed, so I knew the basics. I started with simple planners, but every year I have always ended up updating them to accommodate all the changes that occur. Children have such busy lives these days!

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