Friday 18 February 2011

Glass Painting

glass painting
Above are the two glasses mentioned.
Today I have been learning how to paint glass. I have never done this before, so I was quite excited to have a go. A glass painting lesson was given to a group of us who attend a weekly community coffee morning. At our coffee morning we like to do a few different crafts, mainly card crafts and some ladies also do knitting and crocheting. The lesson was lead by the lovely Lesley who helps run the coffee morning.

The only things needed for our glass painting lesson were: glass paints, glass liner (pen), paintbrushes, a glass (eg tumbler) and a tray to mix paints onto.
Firstly, I painted the large glass, I used a black glass liner to make the outlines of flowers and butterflies. I then waited for this to dry for about 10 minutes. Once dry I then coloured inside the lines with different coloured glass paints. I then coloured the bottom of the glass with a green paint. The glass liner is used to keep the paints inside the drawn picture, so not to spread out and mix.

Then I painted the tumbler, I coloured this without using the liner. I simply painted in some of the squares with different colours and allowed this to dry for about 10 minutes. Then I went over the whole glass with a yellow paint. Because I didn’t use a glass liner, some of the colours ran into each other, but I didn’t mind for this project.

It was not easy to draw a neat line on a curved glass, but with practice you would get better. For me I noticed that some of the colours had run, but again with practice you would know exactly how much paint is needed on your brush, to get the right effect. However, even though it wasn’t perfect, I was very pleased with my first attempt. I would definitely like to try to do this again sometime, it was great fun.

I placed a candle into the tumbler, so that I could use it as a candle holder.  This is a great craft to upcycle some of your old non-matching glasses you have in your cupboards.

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