Thursday 27 January 2011

Calendar 2011

Every year I make new calendars for my family and friends.  I have different designs for different people.  Most of the calendars I do include an up to date photo of my three children.  This year I had all the children sitting down on the sofa, and then I used an editing program to make the photo look more stunning!  I sometimes use photos of my friends' children or some picture which suits their personality.  I normally make a double sided A4 calendar or sometimes I design a one sided A4 Calendar like the one above.  I print the calendars onto card, and then I laminate them in laminating pouches.  My family always looks forward to these each year.  I normally always design the calendar myself using a table in a Word document because I like to be able to change the colours and text.  However, you can find many calendars ready to download from the Internet if you search for them, but I have found you can't alter the layout or change the text colour!

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