Monday 2 September 2013

Reupholstered Dining Room Chairs Tutorial and More!

dining chair reupholstered muslim blog
I recently bought some curtains from a Charity Shop / Thrift Store and the fabric was brilliant just what I needed for reupholstering my Dining Room Chairs.  I have never reupholstered dining room chairs before, but my friend did it recently and said how easy it is, and because my chairs were becoming very distressed that I thought I will give it a go!

My original chair fabric was blue but I really liked the rich colour of the curtains I found and thought the colour would match with some of the gold décor I have downstairs! Each curtain piece was 250cm drop and 450cm width! That is a lot of fabric!

I bought the fabric originally for my dining room chairs but had that much left I managed to also cover a living room chair and make 2 pairs of smaller curtains! I posted last week about the living room chair that I gave a makeover - photo is further below.

The photograph below shows the 6 chairs that I reupholstered and you can also see in the background one pair of the curtains that I made! I also bought a new wipe-down tablecloth with a similar colour in to make it more matching. I haven't got a photograph of the Living Room Curtains that I made, simply because every time I tried to take a photograph the sunlight ruins the photograph!

dining chair reupholstered muslim blog

Below is the photograph of last weeks post - Chair Makeover using the same fabric: chair-makeover

Below is a short tutorial on this post, you can also find many online tutorials available on the internet. The only things that you require are a Staple Gun and a tool to remove old staples. Removing the old staples was the worst part and longest part of this project - everything else was so easy! There was a black cover on the bottom of each seat - which I then reused once I had recovered with the new fabric.

  • New Fabric
  • Screwdriver
  • Staple Gun
  • A tool to remove the staples.
  • Sewing machine (not always essential - if required for back!)

Easy Tutorial:

Step 1) Remove the seat and the back from the frame - most likely screwed together.
Step 2) Remove the old fabric from the seat of the chair and the back of the chair if it has fabric.
Step 3) Use this fabric as a template to cut out your new fabric
Step 4) Staple the seat fabric onto the seat in the same way as it was originally secured. You need to make sure you are stretching the fabric tight. The video link below shows you the best way to do this!
Step 5) Screw the seat back onto the frame.
Step 6) The seat back part involved sewing a slip on cover - which went over a piece of wood. A lot of seats don't have fabric on the back!
Step 7) Secure the back part fabric over the wood by stapling it tight. This was then secured to the chair using the original dowels and screws.

Here is a link to a brilliant video tutorial showing you how to do this:

 Below are a few photographs I took whilst doing this project:

dining chair reuphostered muslim blog

I am really pleased with the amount of projects I a managed to complete with just one pair of bargain find curtains!

dining chair living room curtains reupholstered muslim blog


  1. Salan alaikum Karima,

    MashaAllah that is amazing what you did with one pair of bargain curtains!! I like the matching wipedown table cloth....very dare I say it...Algerian :-)

  2. MashaAllah a little bit of curtain goes a long way doesn't it? :)

  3. Oh wow mashAllah that looks brilliant! What a good idea.
    Love the final look

  4. You did a great job masha'Allah. The chairs look amazing! :)


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