Monday 28 May 2012

Burp Cloth Tutorial for Boys or Girls

burp cloth tutorial boys and girls muslim blog

I made another Burp Cloth - last time I made one for a girl (Here is the link) using Fairy fabric. This time I had some fabric (Upcycled Curtain) with numbers and pictures on which could be used for either boy or girl!

These are really so easy to make -  I chose my own design this time because of the style of the fabric - however if you want a pattern I would suggest - they also have their own tutorial with great graphics - this is the pattern I used on my previous Burp Cloth.

burp cloth boys girls muslim blog

Step 1: Download and print pattern if required.
Step 2:  Cut out the fabric pieces (I had to cut out two pieces for each sides - but that was only because of the pattern - you could just have one piece for each side!
Step 3: Attach the 2 pieces of each side together to make one piece of fabric for each side.
Step 4: Pin the fabric pieces together - fabric facing touching each other. Then stitch all the way around - leaving a small gap - to turn inside out!.
Step  5: Turn the fabric the right way around and press with an iron. Then top stitch all the way around. You now have a lovely gift for a new mum.
burp cloth boys girls muslim blog

I also made matching items to go with this present - I will try to post about these at a later date.
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  1. It looks really nice Karima! And so easy to always lovely ideas it's good.
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