Wednesday 28 September 2016

Kit Kat Skittles Cake Tutorial

I have been busy lately making and designing cakes. So it was no surprise when my son requested I make a cake for him to celebrate him becoming an official adult. That is him turning 18 here in the UK. I had previously made a KitKat tiered cake (without packets) so he requested a similar one. I will share with you at the bottom of this post the original one I made.

For this one I kind of cheated by buying chocolate cake mix packets and ready made frosting! I have previously made my own but wanted to make sure this turned out good for my son. I will write a mini tutorial for this cake. I actually made 4 layers but only needed 3 layers however that wasn't a disaster as my daughter used that layer to design another cake! If you want to bake your own cake then just follow any online recipe for chocolate cake for 2 or 3 tiers.


2 packets of Chocolate cake Mix (to make at least 3 round cakes) (extra ingredients that packets ask for)
2 tubs of chocolate frosting
18 (2 finger) Kitkats.
2 Large packets of Skittles
Ribbon/Cake plate


Step 1: Make the cake following cake mix instructions or make your own.
Step 2: Once cakes are cooled down place frosting over the layers and down the sides.
Step 3: carefully place the Kit Kats  all around the cake as neatly as possible.
Step 4: Place the skittles all around the top layer of the cake.
Step 5: Decorate the cake with a bow.

Below is a photo of the other Kit Kat Cake I made first.

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