Saturday 29 August 2015

Cabinet Makeover

If you are following my posts and my daughter's posts you will know that she now has her own craft studio so we are all busy trying to furnish it and making everything look arty!  We bought this cabinet originally to use as a support for another desk but we haven't got around to that yet. It was cheaper to buy this second hand and paint it than it was to buy desk legs. Plus we get plenty of storage use from it. For now we are still using it as storage. She has placed all her lovely teacups that she has bought to make her candles and pincushions with.

We bought this for only £5 and used a tester pot paint for only £1 so the whole project has cost us £6 which is a real bargain.

If you have missed my previous posts or my daughter's posts below are some photographs. The one immediately below is a filing cabinet that I did a makeover on.

The photo below is a desk my daughter made using 2 old bedside cabinets she painted and a worktop.

My daughter made this arty desk from a bedroom dressing table that she painted.

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