Tuesday 2 December 2014

Winter Themed Cards

Our family don't celebrate Christmas but living in a majority Christian country means that everyone around us seems to be celebrating. I stopped sending out Christmas cards many years ago. Now that we have started homeschooling we have come across many other families who are not Muslim but also not Christians either, some are atheists and some believe in other things. This year it was asked if those who don't particularly celebrate Christmas would like their children to send other similar children some non-Christmas cards. It was decided a winter theme would be appropriate, so my girls have been busy making their cards to give to their homeschooling friends.

My 7 year old decided to give her cards a snowman theme. She used cut up pieces of felt and glued these to the cards. We used blue card which seemed to help make the snowman more clear. She can't wait to give these to her friends.

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